Winter Rebel

Laura_3365-2Even though the weather has been miserable as of late and seemingly the most non fashion conscious individual can make wearing a big blanket outdoors look glamorous, I really struggle with wrapping up. You could say I’ve always been a bit of a winter woollies, buttoned up to the last, scarf around the head, phobe!

I will invariably be the one shivering in public (not discretely might I add) until someone goes ‘oh my god, you poor creatur, you must be freezing??’. I usually respond with a polite shake of my head, followed by ’ah no, I’m grand out’ whilst continuing to teeth chatter and violently shake until whatever poor divil insists on giving me their coat. This is not to say that I don’t have a wardrobe full of coats, hats and scarves at home (of which my boyfriend is sick and tired of reminding me) but for some reason I have an aversion to wearing them on the coldest of days.


At a recent shoot for a brand video, my strange rebellious nature could not be more apparent.  I arrive early morning to a drizzlily Kinsale and a crew of bomber jackets in a green suedette waterfall drape (paper thin ), large embellished necklace, skinny vest, black leggings and heeled boots. To say I was unsuitably dressed for the weather not to mind the occasion (a 12 hour day of filming mostly outdoors) would be an understatement. After a few concerned looks and polite queries of ‘did you forget your coat hun?’, I eventually gave in and gratefully took a (very large) Munster Rugby jacket from one of the young girls on the crew.

When I was again probed later on by Odette, the Location Manager on whether I was cold, ( I had managed to conveniently leave my newly acquired large jacket back in the car!) I declared the truth; ‘Yes I am freezing, but if I haven’t learnt to dress weather appropriately by now then its highly unlikely I’m going to change at this stage’. I realise now how absolutely ridiculous this must have sounded to a woman I had just that morning met, but as she laughed, I felt liberated to have finally admitted that my ridiculousness was unlikely to change anytime soon.

So whilst I like to think this aversion comes from the fact that I must be a descendant from an ancient sun god, its probably more likely that being wrapped up in a big oul coat means ruining a perfectly good outfit! I am hoping after this lengthly explanation and much unnecessary background, that my very first blog post in which I am fashioning a skimpy blouse in the month of December will now make some sense – please don’t judge me!


Along with my said skimpy blouse which I purchased from Zara, I am wearing my new favourite leather pants, purchased from Rare London one of my favourite online shops. My fedora is from H&M and knee high leather boots with tassels are also from Zara!



I do hope you like my outfit and yes I was extremely cold but really what’s a few shivers in the grand scheme of things….

XO Laura

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