Thats 70’s Show South Beach Style

Miami was truly amazing, even if the weather wasn’t exactly what I had expected! But every cloud has a silver lining and that little bit of a chill made it possible to wear my favourite material, suede for this 70’s inspired look on my last day.


I love that suede has made such a huge comeback as of late as I’m always keen to top up on more retro items. The only thing that I find slightly off putting about the material is its difficulty to clean! I sadly lost one of my favourite suede skirts to a biro leak a few months back and even my dry cleaner (who had also sent it to a suede expert, bless him) wasn’t able to save it, so its definitely something to bear in mind if you’re thinking of investing in more expensive pieces .


I’ve paired this suede cropped shirt with a 70’s pattern skirt, both from Zara.  My wedges are from H&M and are the most comfortable heels I own, so much so I have also adopted them for the Winter as they are great with tights too. I’ve completed the look with a pair of giant vintage sunglasses which I found in a charity shop in Cork last summer – it always surprises me how one person’s trash can be another’s treasure. I hope you like it !


While there wasn’t a whole bunch to do during the day with the lack of that big round yellow thing in the sky, I found that most of our time was taken up with eating. Natilus hotel, where we were staying on South Beach, has to have been one of my favourite places to dine as the food is really fresh and the variety is amazing!


Th rest of the time was spent leisurely browsing around all the shops and bars. Miami is really beautiful but as far removed from the archetypal American city as you can get. I remember when I first arrived feeling like I had landed somewhere between the South of France and California!

With over 35% of the population being Cuban its no wonder Miami has such a eclectic vibe of people food and places. There are so many great areas to eat and drink like Española Way and Lincoln Road Mall. There are also lots of quirky spots off the beaten track. One which I absolutely adored was a late night bar called Bodega located off Alton Road. Hidden behind a concealed door at the back of a Taqueria, you are literally transported into a little taste of Cuba. With an industrial chic vibe, great music and a carnival atmosphere – you are guaranteed to be dancing no matter how early in the evening it is. Its definitely a must for anyone visiting.


I could easily go on and on but I think one of the things I found most enjoyable was simply walking along the Miami Beach Boardwalk with its big balmy trees and laid back vibe – its also the best place for a bit of people watching.

What is it that they say……it’s the simplest things in life that make us the happiest.

Sleep tight Miami!


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