Camel & Colour Psychology

I hope everyone has been having a good weekend? I’ve been spending much of the weekend just relaxing as I have a busy week ahead visiting Showcase, Ireland’s biggest creative expo. Now in its 40th year, Showcase has become an institution for buyers nationwide. I was really impressed with the level of talent and creativity from designers and crafters last year, so I’m very exciting about what’s in store this week.


Today, I’m wearing a Camel Sleeveless Jacket from New look which I picked up in London towards the end of last year. Its currently on sale for just €25 so it is definitely worth having a look at.

I’m so glad that sleeveless jackets are so on trend as I find them much easier to wear than your average coat – they’re definitely less of a commitment! Sure your arms may suffer a little but I find this style compliments an outfit rather than covering it all up, which I love. Although I’m not exactly coming from a practical standpoint, this particular style is surprising warm and I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of it.


I think we can all agree that Winter is dull enough without adding a dull colour palette to the mix but it’s easy to get into the habit of wearing dark shades every day. I think just small pops of colour can make such a difference, not only to your look but also your mood.

I’m a huge believer in colour psychology which is built on the principal that different colours affect your mood. Whilst it’s much more common in the interior design world, it also translates into the fashion arena.

For example, wearing black is thought to absorb all the energy coming towards you and is known for its ability to communicate sophistication and excellence – good news for those of you whose mantra is all black everything!

In contrast, one of my personal favourites, grey, if worn in all the one shade and with the absence of any other colour is thought to be suppressive and somewhat depressing.


My little colour pop for today are these red strappy heels from Zara, complimented by a merino wool scarf from the Aran Sweater Market, the brand which I work for. I used this scarf in our Christmas photoshoot last year because I loved its classic feel, so much so I just had to buy it! It’s also a great cheat for the original Burberry scarf and at a fraction of the price!

So if your looking to grab some attention or set some pulses racing this week, wear some red…… I know I certainly will!

Laura xo


Outfit Details:

Double Breasted Camel Coat by New Look
Red Heels by Zara
Black Pu Leather Look Jeans by RareLondon
Burberry Cheat Scarf by Aran Sweater Market
Cream Polo by Primark

Photos by www.










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