Eye Spy


This Winter outfit is all centred around my favourite accessory of the moment, my Prada Baroque Sunglasses. I had been spying these beauties for a while and after many months of heavy hinting, I was pleasantly surprised to find them under the tree at Christmas – don’t you just love when that happens?!

They are the perfect statement piece as they add instant designer style to any outfit. In latter years, I have made a conscious effort to add to my sunglass collection, as like handbags they are such an investment. I consider them an every day essential and lets face it, they’re a much better solution than anti-wrinkle cream – prevention is better than the cure.


I’m also wearing a Navy Geometric Coatigan from River Island. Those of you that have read my very first blog post, ‘Winter Rebel’ will know I’m not a huge fan of coats so this is the perfect alternative to keep out the chill without being all wrapped up like a sausage roll – okay no more coat bashing I promise.

At first glance, I wasn’t too sure about the pattern as I thought it might be a bit loud but I was sold the minute I tried it on. It just goes to show, you should always keep an open mind, espically when shopping!

My electric blue roll neck as well as my clutch are both from Dunnes Stores. Both basics were such good value and I can’t stop wearing the clutch as its perfect for daywear also.


My strappy stilettos are also from River Island and even though my poor little feet still shiver when I look at these pictures, (which were taken in 3 degree weather conditions) they were worth the cold blast. How does that old saying go….’beauty is pain’!

Until next time my fellow fashionistas.

Laura XO


Outfit Details

Prada Baroque Sunglasses- Brown Thomas
Navy Longline Geometric Coat- River Island -Out of Stock
Strappy Black Heels- River Island
Clutch- Dunnes Stores
Roll neck- Dunnes Stores

Photos by http://www.pawelnowak.ie




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