Hair Care; The Golden Rules

People often ask me how my hair is in such good condition considering what I put it through every month with colouring but its really very simple; I just look after it.

Here’s what I consider the golden rules of caring for one of your most important assets….


Invest in Better

I first started highlighting my hair when I was 14, so I figured out pretty quickly that the shampoo and conditioner bought in the local supermarket – sorry Mum! –  weren’t going to cut it.

The phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ is very true when it comes to hair products and whilst you may get away with using shop bought products now and again, your hair – especially if its coloured – needs something more specialised to deal with its specific needs.

I’ve been using Redken for about 6 years now and I have to say, its still one of my favourite brands for rescuing my hair and giving it a natural shine. They have a huge array of products and treatments for all kinds of hair but the All Soft range is my preferred choice for blondes as it really gets to grips with tackling the dryness which can often result from over bleaching. It also contains Argon Oil which is a natural ingredient used to fortify your hair.

I would also recommend using the treatment in the range as its a fantastic mask to leave on before that Saturday night out for super soft hair.

Don’t Over Wash

This is one rule which I really value. Over washing your hair means washing out the natural oils your hair produces which makes spending money on products like hair oil completely counterproductive. I know that it feels nice to wash your hair every day but this also means putting your hair through the process of drying on a daily basis which too can take its toll. I wash mine every two days but try to go that extra three days if possible, (don’t judge me please!), some things are just worth the sacrifice.

What you wash you hair with is equally as important and I often find people will spend money on the aftercare products like conditioner and treatment whilst still using their regular shampoo. Your shampoo is just as useful for locking moisture into the hair so if its moisture you need, make sure you choose one that tackles this head on. The All Soft Shampoo is fantastic and I can always feel the difference once I have used it, even without using any of the other products in the range.


Try New Things 

It may sound really obvious but I think its so important to keep trying out new hair products on a regular basis as your hair tends to get used to products if used too often and may even stop benefiting from the product in question. I always try and mix it up every month or so with new items before introducing my tried and tested products back into the mix. I’m also a firm believer that what might work great for one person may not be the case for someone else.

Hair is like the Heart,
it may take a while to find the one that makes it tick,
but don’t give up the hunt!

I can’t count the number of times I’ve dashed out to buy the latest ‘caviar of hair products’ only to be left feeling a bit underwhelmed by the results. Hair is like the heart, it may take a while to find the one that makes it tick, but don’t give up the hunt!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first bash at beauty blogging, more again soon.

Laura XO

Product Details – Where to Buy

You can buy Redken products at many leading Hairdressers nationwide, however my local Hair Salon doesn’t stock it so I often purchase online at

Its also worth giving a look into TKMaxx as well, as they often do the larger size bottles like the conditioner featured. This bottle will often last me up to two months which is fantastic value.

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