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It was my birthday last weekend and I had a fabulous time away in Galway celebrating a friend’s hen party. I do find that it’s hard to get excited about your birthday the older you get but when I woke up that morning surrounded by all my best friends nattering and joking about the antics the night before, I felt so lucky – it really is the small things!

This look is inspired by my star sign Pisces, as it’s ethereal mood and dream like quality represent a huge part of my personality and I’m so grateful to Pawel Nowak for capturing it so beautifully. It was shot in the lavish surroundings of the Killarney Plaza Hotel with its beautiful marble staircase as a backdrop for the look. This staircase has been an obsession of mine for quite some time as it always reminds me of the magical staircase in the Disney classic, the Beauty and the Beast. I simply love it and no matter the birthday, you’re never too old for fairytales.

Laura_03_8992I know a lot of you may be a little bit sceptical when it comes to astrology but I’m very much a believer. I won’t say my nose is stuck in my horoscope every morning –  because it’s far too busy stuck in a cup of coffee –  but I really relate to the power of the stars and their direct relationship with our make up and intrinsic qualities. My interest was first peaked when my Mum gave me a book on Pisces for my eleventh birthday. I remember reading the first few pages and feeling like a million little fairylights were going off in my head, as each sentence described me down to a tee! From that time on, my sign and its likeness to my nature, has always been significant to me, so much so, I even had it tattooed on my back four years later. I’m pretty sure my Mum would have taken the book back to the shop if she’d seen that one coming!


I really am a classic Piscean; deep thinker,over analyzer, sensitive to the core and a total dreamer. I view the latter quality as both my saving grace and my biggest downfall and its something one of my close friends used to delight in teasing me about. On one particular night whilst we were putting the world to rights in a snug pub in South Bank, the conversation led to my disillusionment with a certain relationship in my life at the time. Her insight was uncanny; “you’re a dreamer, you’re confused because you live happily in your dream but when you wake up to real life, it’s never as good, so you go back to the dream again”. It turns out she was right…. it’s not often you meet people that are so wise.
You see her theory – even if it was concocted over copious amounts of Pinot Grigio –  is what mirrors the very symbol of Pisces itself; two fish always swimming in opposite directions, echoing the constant conflict between the dream Vs reality.


Although I often count my ability to put an overly optimistic spin on things as one of life’s little blessings, there have been times when the cuts and brusises from a sudden crash back to reality have left me with more scars than I would like. However, I believe these injuries are just part of life’s lessons and that ultimately being a dreamer allows one to visualise the bigger picture; the life they want, the places they wish to explore and the people they long to share their life with. That in itself, I believe, is a special quality. Sure real life may not always come up to the mark but at least the power to dream drives you to set goals for the future, to understand which dreams are better left for tomorrow and which ones you just can’t live without today. I could witter on for quite some time about this topic but (luckily for you), I found an inspiring quote that sums it all up perfectly…..

“Never let it be said that to dream is a waste of one’s time,
for dreams are our reality in waiting.
In dreams, we plant the seeds of our future…”                                                                                             Anon

After all if you don’t write your own fairytale then who will???

Laura XO


Outfit Details

Feather Gilet – Folkster -purchased in-store
Tan Suede Skirt –DV8
Thigh-high boots- River Island
Necklace – Parfois

Photos- http://www.PawelNowak.ie









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