Still the Chill


Does anyone else feel like they’re taking one step forward and three steps back when it comes to Spring/Summer fashion at the moment? I have to confess, I see the littlest ray of sunshine and instantly start shedding my layers in favour of barely there blouses and linen shirts- so in right now. Then I begin plotting to put away all my Winter woollies only to wake up the following morning to find there’s literally a hurricane outside my window. I even came home at lunch the other day and was so cold I had to reacquaint myself with my fur coat!
Ok, I know, I know, first world problems and all that but I do think it’s getting more and more difficult to dress for the transitions between the seasons and it’s no wonder everyone is coming down with colds and bugs at the moment. It’s certainly looking like the term Swinter will be popular again this year.


So with all that moaning out of the way, now for the mantra; my sensible side says you should always dress for the weather, (and my sensible side rarely wins) but try to include an element of the current/upcoming season in your outfit.

I think florals are a fantastic way to introduce some Spring into your wardrobe with ease. This floral playsuit from Topshop instantly caught my eye a few weeks back as I’m a bit of a sucker for anything black & gold and I loved its vintage vibe. Although I’d much prefer to wear without tights, I don’t think anyone is quite ready for bare legs in broad daylight just yet so I’ve just paired with black opaques for now and a suedette fringe jacket from Folkster for a casual but stylish look.


As you may know, I am a huge fan of Folkster and was thrilled to find this jacket in their store in Dublin a few weeks back. For me, the brand transcends trends as it’s far too busy focusing on a style and attitude all of its own which is what I love about it. If I lived in Dublin, I know my wardrobe would be full to the brim of their boho chic treasures as shopping in their store is a real treat, you never know what you might find.


I also picked up this sweet velvet choker on my last trip there. This little accessory is really on trend at the minute and I’ve gotten much more wear out of it than I would have imagined. Whenever I pick up small things like this in a store, I think to myself; do I really need it, but I’m always glad when my demon shopper side wins out as even the simplest of accessories can complete an outfit.


My boots were also a recent purchase from H&M. They literally go with everything and I know I’ll still wear them in the Summer with some denim cut-offs and (fingers crossed) tanned pins. My trilby hat is also from H&M and always comes in handy when you need to add some instant hipster status to an outfit.

Here’s to hoping that we can all make bigger strides towards Spring style in the coming weeks.

Happy Saturday!

Laura XO

Outfit Details: 

Playsuit: Topshop
Suede Fringe Biker Jacket: Folkster
Trilby Hat: H&M 
Boots: H&M 
Choker: Folkster 
Bag: Coach- purchased in America

Photos by http://www.PawelNowak.ieLaura_03_1786

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