Kindness; Forever in Fashion



It never ceases to amaze me how much power other people’s words can have over your well-being. I’m a total softie and far too often let the words of others seep down to my inner core and to my great annoyance even let it effect how I see myself. On the flip side, the positive things people say can have the most opposite and wondrous impact…..


I was having a bad day last week, my energy levels were low and to say I was a tad emotional would have been an understatement – it was one of those mornings where dropping a bottle of shampoo on my foot in the shower could easily have resulted in a  mini breakdown.  I was after an extremely busy few weeks with work and I had also given a lot of time to my blog and other related projects. That same day, I was starting to feel the effects of it all and little thoughts of self doubt started to creep in as I began to think was it all worth it? Don’t get me wrong, I adore the opportunity that my blog presents me with to further explore my love for writing and creativity as well as meeting others that are just as passionate about fashion as I am , however it can be hard putting yourself out there on a daily basis as well as backing that with a huge amount of dedication and time.


My afternoon had been totally clouded by this frame of mind when a message from one of my close friends entirely turned my day around. We had been talking about our plans for the coming weekend when she made a point of mentioning that someone had said to her in passing the other day how much she liked my blog. When I tried to brush off the compliment, she went on to say how proud all of my friends were of me for taking the leap and starting my blog.

My friend’s kind and gentle words were just what I needed to pick up my spirits and banish those lingering thoughts of self doubt to the back of my mind. Without the considerate nature of my friend and indeed the person who had kindly commented on my blog, I may never have had that little lift I needed just at the right time. I’m sure all of us are proud of so many in our daily lives, whether it’s a friend who’s knocking it out of the park in their career or another who is scoring A’s at being a new mum but unless we express it and show our support it remains just that, a personal thought, when it has the power to be so much more.


So for the beautiful things people take the time to say to you, accept and treasure them. Keep them tucked away for safe keeping and remember to take them out again at times when you need them the most.

As for the negative, put on your metaphorical space suit and allow them to bounce right off you, (trust me it works) they are only trying to drag you down to earth and it’s much better fun up in the sky!

To my very special and supportive friend who I have mentioned in this post, I know you’ll read this as you do all my posts; you are a treasure, thank you doll XX

Have a great week everyone and hope you like my outfit!


Outfit details

Skirt – Zara
Belt- St. Vincent De’Pauls Charity Shop
Rose Gold Stilettos – River Island
Hobo Bag with Fringes – H&M
Necklace – H&M
Rose Gold Bangle – H&M

Photos by
Make Up by Carmel O’Callaghan at Mirash Beauty Salon, Killarney
Hair by Peter Marks Killarney

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