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I adore my outfit for this week’s post as it’s such a mixture of different styles and influences – boho chic meets folk, street and more – but somehow it all still works together. My own personal style is constantly evolving and is influenced by trends, media and travel as well as my mood. I absolutely love the adventures fashion can take you on and I don’t think there is anything quite as exciting as curating new looks for your wardrobe. Style is such a personal thing and that’s really why it’s so special, it’s a reflection of your individuality.


I just adore this floral print bomber jacket from Zara. I thought the whole bomber jacket trend was finally fading away –  is it just me or is it going on forever? –  but the printed bomber variation seems to have given it a whole new lease of life. I have a huge thing for florals so was instantly drawn to this little beauty when I spotted it a few weeks ago shopping in Dublin. When I got back home I decided it needed a bit of an edgy vibe so I paired with a black lace crop top underneath and love the little twist it gives it.


The underwear outerwear trend is of course huge this season but I think there’s definitely a fine line between trashy and on trend with this one. I’m always careful to pair these lingerie inspired pieces with more casual or refined items and I don’t think there is anything classier or more feminine that a good high-waisted pencil skirt. This one is from TFNC and fits like a glove. This skirt has only been in my wardrobe a couple of months but I know its one of those investment pieces I will keep for years to come – please god it will still fit!

Strappy sandals and my faithful black velvet choker from Folkster add structured lines to close off the look.


I hope you like this look and would love if it encourages even just one person to have fun creating new looks with different styles and trends, no matter how random the mix. There’s really no right or wrong, the secret is just feeling good in something and owning it.

Always trust your style gut, if you think it works, it works!

Happy Friday everyone,

Laura XO

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Outfir Details

Floral Print Bomber Jacket – Zara
Rika Black Midi Pencil Skirt- TFNC
Black Velvet Choker- Folkster
Black Strappy Sandals- New Look
Stone Snakeskin Textured clutch- New Look

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