I can’t quite believe I’ve been in Malta for over four days already! It’s going really quickly but I guess that’s a sign of a really good holiday. I arrived on Thursday night for a weeks’ holiday with my friends, Julie and Serena and the three of us have been having an absolute ball ever since. This holiday was a bit of a spur of the moment booking for me so I am delighted that I decided to come as a good girlie holiday was just what I needed but I hadn’t quite anticipated falling head over heels for the place as well.


Even stepping onto our balcony on the very first morning, I was immediately taken with the breathtaking architecture of the surrounding buildings and I knew I was somewhere special. We are staying in an apartment in downtown Sliema which is just a few minutes stroll from St. Julians (the more lively spot). I’m so used to hotels when I go away so this has been a really welcome change as it’s so relaxed and easy going and the location is also ideal as it’s literally just a five minute stroll from this gorgeous promeande.


We spent our first day here wandering around the bay, perching on top of its many rocks (which can definitely be a bit tricky) and just generally watching the world go by. One of the first things that hit me about Malta was the fact that I couldn’t relate it to anywhere else I’ve been and I’ve done a lot of travelling. Its old world charm is apparent throughout with big old beautiful churches at every corner and street upon street of the most picturesque townhouses all painted in the prettiest ice-cream palettes – Farrow and Ball eat your heart out!

The overall effect is so dramatic that there have been times I’ve had to pinch myself because I literally feel like I’m on a film set- Paris usually does that to me but this is on a different scale because it’s not just in a few areas, it’s all so so beautiful.


Not only is the architecture a sight to behold but the scenery is also off the scales. On our second day here, we decided to go on a boat trip to the Island of Gozo, famous for the blue lagoon and I was genuinely awestruck by the clarity of the sea. It felt like our own personal swimming pool and the whole day was just really special. There are many different boat tours but we chose ‘The Spirt of Malta’ and I would definitely recommend it as it was so chilled and relaxed with lots of amazing wine and food.


We’ve found walking is definitely the best mode of transport over here so none of my heels have even gotten a look in yet. There really is so much to see that comfort definitely takes priority over style and it’s not often I say that. As it turns out it’s probably a good thing as the food here is amazing and I’ve been indulging in lots of delicious pasta dishes which they get so right here. It’s also really reasonable for food and drink which was such a lovely surprise especially as I always equate this with more money for shops, which there are lots of by the way.

On our wanders, we’ve found lots of little gorgeous boutiques and vintage shops as well as the usual high street chains. It does have all the british brands so is great for shopping but the prices are just the same as they would be at home before anyone gets too excited. Even as addicted as I am to fashion, shopping is really not what this place is about so exploring has been my main aim for the week.


I have cherished my time thus far on this little island as it’s truly unique and I love the fact that it wears its history on its sleeve. It has certainly increased my appetite for travel in more ways than one and I am looking forward to seeing and learning more over the next few days- Valetta I am coming for you!

More soon, until then, hope everyone has a great week.

Laura XO


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