Worth the Wait

Its been nearly two weeks since I picked up my engagement ring from Voltaire Diamonds but in a bizarre way it’s like I’ve always had it and that’s down to the fact that it feels like it was made for me – which it was!  I just love when you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you made the right decision and whilst it’s fundamental that you feel like that about the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, I think it’s also important to feel like that about your engagement ring as a little symbol of that love.

Office 1.PNG

When my boyfriend Darran of three years proposed back in March, the same week as our anniversary, I was so overwhelmed with emotions and plans for our future, that the idea of a ring took up very little of my headspace.

We had talked about going to Antwerp to pick out a diamond and it was an idea which I loved immediately as it meant we could spend some more time together as well as having an amazing experience. However the morning we decided to book our tickets, was the very same morning that terror hit Brussels and I remember feeling absolutely ridiculous planning a diamond shopping trip to a country where people had just tragically lost their lives. In the end, we decided not to go and look for rings closer to home instead.


I eased myself slowly into the world of engagement rings by going to a few jewellers just so I could try on different types and see what styles suited me. I adore costume jewellery and have a huge appreciation for vintage so a halo style ring was recommended to me by a couple of friends early on. However, it was still worth trying on a range of different types as a halo in itself opens up a whole world of different styes from cushion, princess, asscher, oval and many more.

Office 3

Voltaire Diamonds had come highly recommended to me by a friend so after a couple of weeks when I felt a bit more confident in the style I wanted, we made an appointment. Their offices, tucked away upstairs in an speakeasy style fashion, are really unique and quirky and whilst it wasn’t Antwerp, I certainly felt like it was an experience.

Office 2

On my first sitting, we were met by the lovely Nicole who was really helpful and openly encouraged me to try as many different rings as possible. After trying on close to twenty halos they all began to look the same to me and nothing seemed to be jumping out apart from a floating halo stone with a plain band. Originally I think I felt drawn to the pretty diamond purely because it was so unlike the others, unique in a tray full of sparkly bands, but still I wasn’t convinced it was entirely me.


I said I would take a few days to think about it before making a decision. On the way home I kept staring at pictures of the ring, appreciating its obvious beauty but failing to get the excitement which I had been anticipating.  I was slowly starting to think that perhaps engagement rings just weren’t for me so I should just pick the one that I liked the best. However, when the time came for me to travel back up to see the ring again, I was over 80% sure that it wasn’t for me, regardless of my theory.

Office 4

On my second visit, I asked Nicole if they had any more unusual style of halos, mentioning a pear shape as well as a marquise, which I had came across in the meantime whilst researching online. She brought out a few different styles and when I saw the marquise I knew instantly it was the one. It’s so funny how you know straight away when something is right and it reminded me that you should always trust your initial instinct, go with your gut and hold out for what you want in life.

My Ring with a Wedding Band

After picking my ring that day,I sadly had to endure another two months without it, as well as what was fast becoming the most popular and dreaded question in my life  – “can I see the ring?”. But alas I was told I had one of the smallest fingers which Voltaire had ever fitted so the ring needed to be made entirely from scratch.

When I eventually went to collect it, I had almost forgotten what it looked like and when I tried it on again I was even questioning whether it was still the same one – which I was assured by Nicole is a normal reaction for most women. After 10 seconds of shock I fell straight back in love with it.

Thank you to Voltaire Diamonds for being so patient with me and to my amazing fiancé for not just the ring but the beautiful gift of being able to choose it myself. I can’t stress how important it is to find a ring that you love and that you feel suits you.

To any girl out there looking for the one, just take your time and remember some things are just worth waiting for – the ring and the man are out there somewhere.

Laura XO


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