One last Summer Fling


Work and rain – literally it takes two words to sum up my entire week! I started off the crazy week with a photoshoot in the Aran Islands for the Aran Sweater Market – the brand that I manage –  where to my dismay it rained solid for two days. Trying to get the shots you want with a constant downpour on your hands is no easy feat you know – not to mention the state my poor hair was in after all the rainwater.  I then trekked it on up to Dublin for the Fashion Festival  where…..guess what….. it also proceeded to bucket down, meaning our fashion show had a better chance of attracting a crowd of ducks then potential customers.

I spent most of this week wearing jeans and body warmers and even the occasional scarf but rather than put me in the mood for Autumn/ Winter fashion, it’s done quite the opposite as I am just craving Summer colours at the moment – (I am also headed for the sunny South of France next weekend so well….I guess that helps a little )!  


Looking at this outfit has definitely got me excited for my holidays and it features one of the biggest trends from the season, the Neck Tie ! It wouldn’t be a trend which I was instantly drawn to but I always think it’s important to try new styles and explore different ways of wearing them. This gorgeous burst of Summer colour and luxurious silk is by Irish Designer Susannagh Grogan and has the most beautiful colour palette.


I loved shooting this look with Photographer, Pawel Nowak at the fairground a few weeks back but looking back on it now has made me really reminiscent of Summer. I spent most of yesterday lounging around the house and trying to decide which outfits to bring with me for my short break away. While rooting through my very untidy wardrobe, I felt a wave of regret for a season which never really happened. Some of my most promising Summer pieces that just never got a look in this year, stared up at me from the back of my wardrobe – a lonely little red number with the tags still on and a paisley playsuit still waiting patiently for its turn in the sun, were among the few. 

Now I know it’s first world problems and all that but it made me sad just looking at them as Summer style is my very favorite and I’m just not ready to go all furs and boots on you all. The French Riviera is calling and I am determined to give one last bash at Summer and I might even bring these yellow beauties along for the ride.

Have a good Sunday everyone, I am off for some pampering – remember if you don’t treat yourself- who will ?! 


Outfit Details – Shop Direct 

Floral Pastel Small Neck Silk Scarf – Limited Edition-  Susanngah Grogan
Yellow Trousers – Zara 
Floral Burst Leather Clutch Bag – Susannagh Grogan
White Bodysuit- New Look 
Heels – Pennys
Sunglasses – SuperDry  

Photos by

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