All in the Name of Style

I must admit I was never an avid racegoer but after attending a few meetings over the Summer, I’ve definitely warmed to it for a couple of reasons and as you’ve probably guessed already, these are far more closely linked to style as opposed to the four legged animal beginning with the letter H!


Friday was my first time attending the long celebrated Listowel Festival in Co. Kerry and although I had anticipated it being much bigger than Killarney meetings, I am not sure I was expecting how overwhelmed I would be by the entire experience- it truly is a different world.

I spent the day people watching, laughing with my friends and worrying about whether my legs looked ok in my teeny tiny tweed shorts. Frivolities aside, I was having the time of my life and by the time the best dressed competition got underway in the Champagne Tent, I had forgotten all about the outside world.


As I looked around the beautifully styled Marquee with feathers and fur at every corner, a thought hit me – where else would you see the style and glamour that is on show on Ladies Day?!

As I tried to take in one carefully co-ordinated outfit after another, my mind’s eye attempted to compare the occasion to other fashionable events but they all fell short in some way.


Fashion shows are models wearing what they are told to wear, carefully curated events controlled behind the scenes by designers and event managers – commercial enterprises. However this , this is the real deal, real women with creative flair collaborating with designers and milliners on propelling design forward,  year after year searching the country for the most eye-catching dresses and designer accessories …..and all for the love of Style!

In my opinion, the entire experience is phenomenal and these women are nothing short of amazing. As I left the champagne tent another thought crossed my mind – long gone are the days when an attractive man in a suit may catch your eye, women are the only species in this jungle and long may they rule.

Have a great week everyone,

Laura XO


Outfit Details 

My Suit 
Thank you so much to Scribe for London for my beautiful Limited Edition Tweed Suit. From the moment I tried it on I absolutely adored it and just knew I would get so much wear out of it for the future, indeed for occasion as well as casual wear.

The brand specialises in luxury, tailor made suits and formal wear for men and women so if you want something truly unique for an occasion then it’s worth going online to get a feel for their styles and contacting them directly.

They also have a stunning ready to wear collection available in House of Fraser in Dundrum, Dublin. When I visited a few weeks ago I fell in love with everything as the diversity in their pieces for one brand alone is truly extraordinary – from tailored tartan suits to pencil leather dresses – there really is a suit for every occasion.

img_1441My HeadPiece

When I got my suit, I had a vision for a large disc hat and just knew artist and designer, Rebekah Wall would create the most amazing piece for me. Adorned with her trademark crystal work and dramatic feathers, this piece is a true work of art.

I gave Rebekah my suit a couple of weeks ago and from then until the night before the races, I had little idea what the exact outcome would be but I trusted her completely. When I eventually saw the finished article with my suit on a mannequin in her sitting room, I felt truly overwhelmed as I couldn’t have dreamt a more perfect companion for my houndstooth ensemble.

As a standalone piece, it is spectacular but I love that it complimented the suit down to a tea. Thank you Rebekah again your star shines brighter than ever.


Rose Gold Heels : River Island
Clutch: Primark

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