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Tonight, I’m off to the HiStyle Awards in Cork, which recognises style lovers across the Munster region. I’m really excited as it’s my first time attending and I’m also delighted to be nominated among a whole host of other stylish peeps for the most stylish blogger award.


Being nominated got me thinking recently about one of the perks of my blog, which is the opportunity it has given me to meet like-minded people and make some new friends along the way, just like this super stylish Afgan Hound, Zoe, (also a successful show dog), whom I recently shot with at Killarney House.

She’s such a beautiful animal and her owner Tamas, who is my neighbour, looks after her so well. I love to see other people treating their animals with such kindness as animals in general are just so vulnerable and need our love and care to flourish. Zoe’s beauty, (that coat!) is testament to how well she is cared for. Every time I see her dancing along (that is how she looks when she walks), it warms my heart, which is one of the reasons why I wanted to shoot with her again- that and the fact she is a total babe!

laura-zoe1-1I consider myself so lucky to be able to do fun things like this and I love how these images, captured by Pawel Nowak, turned out. This is just another part of who I am and it’s fantastic that I now have an outlet in which to express it.

When I moved home from London two years ago, I  began to get really frustrated. I loved living at home again with all my friends and family but I missed the creative industry in which I worked and found I wasn’t coming into contact with people that had the same interests that I did.  I complained about it for a year before I decided to do something about it myself by setting up my blog.

The fact is, if you want something to happen you need to go out there and make it happen and work, work, work. I’ve met so many amazing designers and business owners since I started on this journey and its comforting to know that I am walking the right road rather than looking at it off in the distance – no matter how bumpy that road may be.

“From wherever you are, you can go anywhere you want to go as long as you pick the right road to travel”

laura-zoe3This time last year, I was dwelling on the parts of my life that I wasn’t happy with, the  lack of projects that really excited me and the feeling that I wasn’t getting the chance to grow certain skills or develop my real passions; writing and styling.

Tonight I get to sit in a room full of people that have the same love for fashion that I do and to celebrate all our creativity, passion and talent together.  I’ve walked a lot this year, I haven’t stayed still and that to me is winning!

To anyone out there, thinking about starting a new project, in the words of Nike, just do it, because if you don’t, who else will?

Thanks so much to everyone who voted for me tonight, from new friends to old, it means more than you can imagine.

Laura XO

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Outfit Details 

Ruffle Sleeve Blouse:
Black Slip Dress: Zara
Hat with Wide Velvet Band: Zara
Velvet Choker: Pennys
Thigh High
Bella Wrap Cord Choker:

Photos by

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