Let the Party Begin!

I was recently invited to collaborate with Vanilla Boutique, a gorgeous little fashion house based in Fermoy, Cork. I’d been following them on social media for a while and was always inspired by their lines but was still absolutely amazed by just how much fashion they had to offer when I visited the store a few weeks ago with one of my best friends, Claire.


Sequin Top & Metallic Pleated Skirt, (€55) available at Vanilla Boutique

From the thrill of rooting through the rails to the buzz of finding unique pieces and creating new looks with accessories and styling…. the entire experience of shopping itself has been one of my passions since I was 13 years of age but lately – apart from the odd binge in Zara-  I’ve been relying more and more on online shopping. Whilst I like online shopping, it pales in comparison to the real thing and I often wonder about the wasted hours spent trawling through dress after dress, hours of my life that are gone forever and with nothing to show for it. This little trip to Vanilla Boutique on a misty Saturday in November reminded me exactly why I fell in love with shopping in the first place.


Purple Sateen Dress (€175) available at Vanilla Boutique

Venturing through the rails in this boutique is honestly such a joy with hidden treasures just everywhere. The glam store which won Best Boutique recently at the HiStyle Awards has a great atmosphere and was absolutely buzzing with customers looking for that special outfit for their Christmas and New Year occasions.  Whilst their occasion wear is absolutely stunning, they also have a great range of casual wear with beautiful long suede coats and colourful furs also catching my eye. I must admit I really struggled to pick just four looks for my Christmas Party Shoot.


Red Bandage Maxi Dress available at Vanilla Boutique

Stocking only three to four max of each item and sometimes just one alone means you always have something unique and practically exclusive to you which is such a refreshing break from the high street. I also couldn’t get over their pricing as everything is so reasonable. While I came away with these glam looks for my shoot, my friend also purchased a stunning sequin maxi dress and an absolutely gorgeous black jumpsuit for just €150.00.


Gold Sequin Maxi Dress €90 available at Vanilla Boutique

The boutique also stocks some of their collection online at Vanilla Boutique but I would honestly recommend just popping in the car and heading down there for the full range and the experience alone. They are also really active on social media which is fantastic as if you see something you like they can take orders over the phone- this sure beats trawling through dress after dress online! I can’t wait for my next visit!

Happy Christmas everyone,I’m all dressed up and ready to go…. let the party begin!

Photos by www.PawelNowak.ie
Hair by Sean Taaffe
Make-Up by DesireKillarney
All looks by Vanilla Boutique
Location: The Champagne & Gin Bar at the Ross Hotel, Killarney









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