One Perfect Day

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I can’t believe it’s been nearly four weeks ago since my hen party in Dingle, where I had the best day and night surrounded by many of my closest friends. I was so busy the weeks leading up to it that every time I thought about the actual event, it just felt like this surreal space shuttle looming in front me.
Yes, of course I was familiar with the term and had merrily participated in other friend’s hen parties on many an occasion but this was mine, MY HEN PARTY!!!! and that concept was entirely alien to me.
I knew my bridesmaids had spent months preparing all the details for the weekend but when I walked in that morning and saw all these beautiful girls in flower crowns, I was blown away by their hard work and attention to detail. I was also completely overwhelmed.

Laura's Hen_15Laura's Hen_3Laura's Hen_5For me, the hen was always about being a relaxed occasion, just a bit of fun and champagne with the girls before our wedding. I told my bridesmaids back in January that I didn’t want to do any forced activity like cocktail making, surfing or whatever other random things are listed on I just wanted to have catch ups, drinks and giggles with my gorgeous friends and that’s exactly what happened.
We headed off to Ventry Beach, one of my favourite beaches, where we planned to have lunch but as the weather wasn’t exactly as we had hoped, we stopped in Paidi O Shea’s Bar instead where the staff just couldn’t do enough for us.
Lunch was served in the shape of the sweetest Vintage Van by Caraway Catering, with the freshest, most delicious salads and quiches. It was so yummy and I would definitely recommend for an occasion like this.
Afterwards we strolled down to the windy beach for photos, (another little surprise which the girls had organised for me) and just generally had the lols.Laura's Hen_7Laura's Hen_12.jpgLaura's Hen_6No matter how hard I try, I know I will never be able to formulate into words how much that day meant to me…. how I felt like the most special girl in the world that all these people I loved had gathered in the one place for me, how all the hours just seemed to float by in a perfect bubble of laughter and prosecco and how underneath it all, I could feel the quiet excitement for another big day yet to come.

Thank you, from my heart to yours, Katz, Sarah, Ash and Gemma and all my pals for making these memories with me. I didn’t allow myself to cry on the day but the tears aren’t far away now.

Love always,

Laura XOXO

Laura's Hen_2.jpgLocation : Ventry Beach Dingle
Catering: Caraway Catering Vintage Van 
Flower Crowns – Pennys
Brides Flower Crown: Claires Accessories
Bridesmaids & Brides Sash: Boohoo 
Lauras Hen T-Shirts: Pennys printed by David in Smart Design, Killcumin.
Boho Burgundy Playsuit: Boohoo

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