Festival Feelings

Summer’s here and that means saying hello to some of my favourite things, flowers, holidays, cocktails and my new favourite Summer obsession – Kimonos! I was thrilled when DV8 asked me if I would like to collaborate with them as I adore the brand and never leave there without picking up something. When I visited […]

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Soul Food

  I was going to begin this post with “I’ve had a crazy few weeks”, then I thought for a moment, took a sip of my tea followed by a slice of reality, (I’m off cake) and decided, “I have a busy life”, would probably be more appropriate. Having a full on job as a […]

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One last Summer Fling

Work and rain – literally it takes two words to sum up my entire week! I started off the crazy week with a photoshoot in the Aran Islands for the Aran Sweater Market – the brand that I manage –  where to my dismay it rained solid for two days. Trying to get the shots you want with […]

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