A Storyteller…

A Strategist…

A Creative.

Bringing Brands To Life

I am passionate about getting right to the core of your brand so I can understand its value and the stories it needs to tell.

My Story

I have over 15 years’ experience working in the field of brand, marketing and communications. I hold a Degree in English and a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relations and Event Management, both of which have shaped my passion and understanding for clear and concise communications within the area of brand and marketing. I am currently studying a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing because I am fascinated by the growth of the digital environment in today’s business world and because I believe our learning is never truly done.

I have worked with brands from all over the world, from Australia to London as well as home here in Ireland. I have enjoyed a colourful career thus far and gained experience in many diverse areas, from brand and marketing in the hospitality, advertising, and retail sectors in Ireland to the communications and design industries in both the UK and Australia. The diverse nature of each of my work experiences has afforded me the opportunity to meet people from all sectors, each experience a fundamental learning practice that has led me on the path to where I am today.

My core-training in my current discipline involved working at Black Sun, a leading corporate communications agency in London, which gave me an insight into the communications industry as well as the internal workings of the FTSE100, some of the world’s largest and most successful brands. From there, I took the opportunity to combine my expertise in communications with my desire to be creative, to work with renowned brand and design agency, Blacksheep, also based in London and working with some of the UK’ s leading hospitality brands such as Jamie Oliver, and Wagamama, amongst others. It was here that I really learnt about how brands are created and sustained, and it ignited a fire within me that I have since been unable to quench.

I am PASSIONATE about getting right to the core of a brand, to understand its value proposition as well as the stories and messages it needs to tell.

I am CURIOUS, I analyse first, create after – my decisions are informed.

I am CREATIVE. I believe in the power of an original idea but recognise that the best results come from analysing all the options, again and again, and over again.

I am a COLLABORATOR. I partner with other like-minded professionals and creatives such as graphic designers & illustrators, web designers & developers, photographers & videographers and hair & make-up artists to achieve brilliant brand solutions.

Above all, I consider myself a modern-day STORYTELLER with the skills and knowledge necessary to help today’s businesses become tomorrow’s brands.

Let’s Talk About How I Can Help Your Brand.

Client Testimonials 

Laura brought a cutting edge to our company that I did not realise was absent. Her professionalism and attention to detail was a given but her ability to extend our market presence while working within a sometimes limited budget was quite remarkable. Our sales expansion and global ‘market cornering’ enabled us to reach and stay at the top of our sector. It was, to be clear, a fast transformation from an ordinary performance to one where we excelled.

David Rea, Co-Director & Producer

Celtic Steps The Show 

A decision was made in 2019 to revisit our brand in conjunction with the successful upgrading to 4 star for the 120 bedroom Castlerosse hotel as well as our 39 holiday homes. For this we engaged the services of locally based Brand Consultant Laura McSweeny.
Laura went about the project in an analytical way through research, a series of interviews and workshops and arrived at the brand title Castlerosse Park Resort which expressed both our unique location and the range of holiday products we offer. Her expertise in brand design and implementation has enabled us to optimise its value since its adoption.
I have complete confidence/great pleasure/no hesitation in recommending Laura to prospective clients for her branding expertise and her all round marketing skills and experience. 

Con Horgan, Proprietor

Castlerosse Park Resort  

Laura is someone who knows how to create deeply engaging stories around a brand in a creative and visually impactful manner. 
Her years of experience working with multiple industries means she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience on brand creation as well as evolvement and development to help get your business to the next level. 
Laura’s ability to really understand the needs of a business and then couple that understanding with a strategic vision to meet business objectives is absolutely crucial. 

Paddy Kelly, E-Commerce Manager

Aran Sweater Market