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Brand Positioning & Identity – Case Studies

Industry: Wellness

Client:Your Life Audit

Your Life Audit is a business and brand specialising in one-to-one personal life coaching, corporate coaching and coaching for schools and groups. It aims to empower people with the tools and resources they need to unlock, achieve and maximise their personal and professional development and fulfilment. I worked with the brand from its very inception, helping to shape, position and define its brand narrative before delivering on its new brand identity.

Industry: Tourism/ Hospitality

Client: Meadowlands Hotel

The Meadowlands Hotel is a family run Four- Star Property situated on the outskirts of Tralee in Co. Kerry. Surrounded by picturesque gardens and flanked by its popular neighbourhood Bar, Johnny Franks along with its relaxing Garden Terrace, not to mention it’s elegant décor and friendly staff, the Hotel offers a truly unique destination. Management approached me to work on translating their brand and the experience they offer, not only for their guest but also their own internal team, so they could effectively and inspirationally tell the story of who they are and build a consistent communications framework for future growth. I worked directly with the Hotel on creating a brand narrative, content & visuals that would communicate their unique brand experiences and the expertise and warmth of their culture and staff.

Industry: Entertainment

Client: Celtic Steps The Show

Celtic Steps The Show is one of Ireland’s best-loved Irish music and dance experiences. I have partnered with them on positioning their brand to communicate the extraordinary talent of their cast as well as bring to life the sensational experiences which they offer to their audience.

Industry: Hospitality

Client: Castlerosse Park Resort

The Castlerosse Park Resort is a Four-Star Resort situated in the Killarney National Park offering a wide range of accommodation and dining options as well as a 9-Hole Golf Course, Leisure Centre and Hair and Beauty Rooms. I have worked with the brand on analysing their brand’s value proposition and redefining their brand’s identity through a comprehensive rebrand as well as the creation and production of new content and visuals to underpin this as part of their new brand strategy.

Industry: Tourism/ Hospitality

Client: Killarney Jaunting Cars

The Killarney Jaunting Cars is a family-run business that has been in operation for over 220 years. I have worked with the brand, which is part of the umbrella brand of Tangney Tours, on showcasing their heritage and experience as well as highlighting the unique tours that they offer through their brand positioning and identity as well as their brand content and communications.