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Brand Identity & Positioning

A brand is so much more than just a logo, it is the lifeblood of your business. Having a strong brand identity & strategy that aligns with your business model can help strengthen your entire business to drive revenue in the long-term.

I work with clients at all stages of their brand and business journey to help them find the strategy and solutions that are right for them.

I work to understand your business first and foremost as well as its core values and the fundamental principles under which it operates. The brand is the foundation of your business, so I start there and ask the important questions; what does it mean to you and your customers, how are you utilising it and what are the results that it is driving?

It is only through considerate investigation, and analysis, that the creation for a cohesive and effective brand solution can be born. For some, it’s about the creation of something new, taking inspiration from the ethos of the business. For others, it’s about going back to the origins of the brand to see how they can retain uniqueness amidst a crowded and competitive landscape and for many businesses, it’s about evolving so they can stay relevant in a modern world.


Brand Audit

Market Research

Brand Identity Workshop

Brand Positioning & Identity*


Brand & Marketing Strategy

After a brand’s identity and positioning has been defined, I work with clients on developing their brand strategy so they can ensure they are delivering on their brand’s ethos, values and promise.

The brand strategy looks different for everyone depending on the nature of the business, as well as its main business goals. I partner with you to make sure your brand and communications strategy is tailored to your business’s long-term objectives to ensure an integrated brand and business approach.

For some businesses, it’s about how they elevate their brand environment and experience to improve their customer journey or how best to train their people to represent their brand in order to drive customer loyalty in the long-term. For others, its simply about clearly and effectively communicating what they do and how they do it across their main marketing channels.


Brand Audit

Brand Workshop with Focus Group

Brand & Marketing Strategy

Brand & Marketing Management 

Brand & Marketing Content & Visuals

I work with clients on creating bespoke brand and marketing content and visuals to help them connect with their customers in a meaningful way and bring their brand to life. This typically involves how the brand translates itself into certain aspects of the business to help communicate and achieve the long-term goals of the business.

This can include an enhanced brand environment or experience, signage and wayfinding, inspiring branded content for digital platforms such as websites and social media platforms, a series of brand or marketing campaigns and events, textual and visual content for print communications such as brochures and flyers as well as the curation and direction of new creative content such as photography and videography where needed.


Bespoke Branded Campaigns or Events

Brand & Marketing Photography*

Brand Packaging & Merchandise*

Brand & Marketing Videography*

Social Media Content

Brand & Marketing Collateral*

Brand Website*


Brand Environment, Signage & Wayfinding*

Creative Direction & Production

Over the years, I have worked with many brands and individuals that already have a clear idea of who they are and where they are going. These brands have definite ideas about what type of content and creative they need to achieve their goals.

I provide creative services for fashion, editorial and lifestyle shoots to help bring brands and people to life. These services range from concept creation, scriptwriting and storyboard planning right through to sourcing of creative teams and styling and production of the shoot day.


Developing a Creative Concept

Visual Mood Boards

Photography & Videography Storyboards


Sourcing of Models/Actors

Sourcing of Props

Location Scouting

Key Shot Lists

Photoshoot Logistics

Creative Briefings for Models/ Photographers/ MUA’s

Styling (People & Products)


*These are services that I provide in partnership with other professionals such as Graphic Designers, Web Designers and Developers, Photographers and Videographers. Though each project differs, I typically provide the creative direction/conceptual work and content/copy for each one as well as organise and project manage each particular through to fruition.