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Brand Content & Visuals – Case Studies

Industry: Tourism/ Hospitality

Client: Maple Valley Guest House

Distinctively designed throughout with an eye for the finer things in life and combined with the classic comforts of home, Maple Valley is a stylishly furnished property aiming to provide guests with an enjoyable and memorable stay.

I worked with the brand to launch their unique offering to the market in the shape of carefully considered content and visuals for their website and promotional material as well as planning and managing their social media strategy.

Industry: Tourism/ Hospitality

Client: The Meadowlands

The Meadowlands Hotel is a Four-Star Family-Run Property situated in the heart of Co. Kerry. I worked with the Hospitality Group on building foundations for future growth by defining their brand narrative, not just for their guests but also for their internal management team and departments. Subsequent brand content and visuals included the production of many photo and video shoots to translate their brand in a compelling way as well as consultancy on their social media strategy.

Industry: Wellness

Client: Your Life Audit

Your Life Audit is a brand specialising in one-to-one personal life coaching, corporate coaching and coaching for schools and groups. I worked with the brand since its conception, helping to shape all the content and visuals to translate its purpose and values. This process included the production of the visuals of its creator, Catriona Kennedy as well as it’s all-important social media content to inspire and educate its followers on all matters of whole system wellness.

Industry: Hospitality

Client: Castlerosse Park Resort

The Castlerosse Park Resort is a Four-Star Resort situated in the Killarney National Park offering a wide range of accommodation and dining options as well as a 9-Hole Golf Course, Leisure Centre and Hair and Beauty Rooms. I have worked with the brand for the past two or three years on their rebrand as well as their brand strategy, communications and visuals to help position themselves as one of Ireland’s leading holiday destinations.

Industry: Entertainment

Client: Celtic Steps The Show

Celtic Steps The Show is one of Ireland’s best loved Irish music and dance experiences. I have partnered with the brand on numerous brand campaigns and initiatives aimed at showcasing the extraordinary talent of their cast as well as bringing to life the sensational experiences which they offer to their audience.

Industry: Tourism/ Hospitality

Client: Killarney Jaunting Cars

The Killarney Jaunting Cars is a family run business which has been in operation for over 220 years. I have worked with the brand, which is part of the parent brand Tangney Tours, on showcasing their heritage and experience as well as highlighting the unique tours they offer through their brand positioning and identity as well as their brand content and communications.

Industry: Retail /Fashion

Client: Aran Sweater Market

The Aran Sweater Market is one of Ireland’s leading providers of Irish knitwear and gifts with five retail stores in Ireland and a growing e-commerce business. I have partnered with the Aran Sweater Market for many years on various brand campaigns and communication projects as well as helping them to strengthen their product visuals for their e-commerce store.