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Kenmare House, built in 1969 by Beatrice Grosvenor, is a meticulously renovated luxury mansion nestled in the serene woodlands of the Killarney National Park. This historic property offers a unique blend of period romance and modern comforts, providing guests with an unforgettable stay.


Kenmare House approached me to spearhead the marketing campaign for its inaugural launch into the market. The challenge was to create a brand identity that captured the property’s rich heritage and distinctive style, while also developing compelling imagery, styling and advertising and website copy to entice its target audience.


My approach centred on bringing the essence of the Kenmare House experience to life through vibrant imagery, creative styling and compelling copywriting. I aimed to portray the high-quality experience the property offers, tailored to its target market.

To reflect the property’s long legacy and family heritage, a brand identity inspired by a key piece of furniture from the original house was created — a crown emblem, symbolizing its link to royalty and illustrious lineage.

The culmination of these creative elements were showcased in the launch of the brand website, meticulously designed to sell the unique experience of staying at Kenmare House. The website captured the captivating essence of the property, inviting guests to immerse themselves in its luxurious surroundings and country pursuits of Killarney National Park.


The launch of Kenmare House into the luxury accommodation market was a resounding success. The property’s brand identity, imagery, styling and website effectively convey its unique selling points, resonating with the target audience and driving bookings.


The creative direction and positioning of the brand ensured Kenmare House was launched as a premier destination for discerning travellers seeking an extraordinary experience. Through strategic PR efforts and cohesive branding, the property successfully made its mark in the market, establishing itself as a must-visit destination within Killarney National Park.

Creative Partners

Interior Design: Adrian McCarthy
Photography & Film: Pawel Nowak
Web Design: The Graphics Effect
Brand Design: iDesign

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