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Your Life Audit is a dynamic business specializing in personal life coaching, corporate coaching and coaching for schools and groups. With a mission to empower individuals to unlock their full potential and achieve personal and professional fulfilment, Your Life Audit offers a range of coaching services tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clients.


Kerry Woollen Mills sought to rejuvenate their brand image and showcase their core collection of sweaters, cardigans, coats, and accessories to a modern audience. Additionally, they aimed to expand their market reach through e-commerce while maintaining the essence of their rich heritage.


I began by conducting a brand workshop with the client to define the essence of Your Life Audit and establish a clear brand narrative.

Using insights from the workshop, I created a Brand Booklet encompassing the brand narrative, including its Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values, as well as Brand Advertising Slogans and Promise. A Brand Moodboard was also developed to visually communicate the brand’s ethos and aesthetic direction.

With a clear understanding of the brand narrative, I collaborated on the development of a new Brand Identity, ensuring alignment with the brand’s values and messaging. Brand Guidelines were established to maintain consistency across all brand touchpoints.

In addition to brand identity development and social media management, I also conducted the copywriting and project management of Your Life Audit’s brand website. By crafting compelling copy and overseeing the website development process, I ensured that the online presence accurately reflected the brand’s values and offerings.


The comprehensive branding and social media efforts, coupled with the development of a brand website, resulted in a significant increase in brand awareness and engagement for Your Life Audit. The cohesive brand narrative and visual identity effectively communicated the brand’s mission and values, resonating with its target audience.

The implementation of a strategic social media strategy resulted in heightened engagement and interaction with followers, further establishing Your Life Audit as a trusted resource for personal and professional development.

Services Provided

  • Brand Identity & Positioning
  • Brand & Marketing Strategy
  • Creative Direction & Production
  • Brand & Social Media Management


Creative Partners

Brand Identity: Clare Lynch Creative
Photography: Pawel Nowak
Web Design: Bright Idea

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