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Kerry Woollen Mills

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Kerry Woollen Mills, a longstanding institution in Ireland, has been a beacon of quality craftsmanship for over 300 years. Their commitment to creating premium fabrics, yarns, and woven products has earned them a reputation for excellence and tradition.


Kerry Woollen Mills sought to rejuvenate their brand image and showcase their core collection of sweaters, cardigans, coats, and accessories to a modern audience. Additionally, they aimed to expand their market reach through e-commerce while maintaining the essence of their rich heritage.


As a creative partner, I collaborated closely with Kerry Woollen Mills to breathe new life into their product offerings while ensuring it stayed connected to its roots, emphasising its role as a guardian of tradition in a modern world.

For the core collection promotion, I developed a creative concept rooted in the picturesque landscapes of South-West Kerry, crafting compelling visuals and narratives that seamlessly integrated the colourful and sustainable fibres of Kerry Woollen Mills with the breathtaking scenery of Valentia Island, evoking a sense of discovery and authenticity.

In addition to the core collection, we extended our partnership to elevate Kerry Woollen Mills’ home and lifestyle products. Through a cosy country cottage homeware shoot, we highlighted the practical yet luxurious nature of their offerings, resonating with modern consumers seeking comfort and style.


The collaborative efforts yielded remarkable results for Kerry Woollen Mills. By infusing their brand with a fresh perspective while staying true to their heritage, the brand was positioned to successfully attract new customers while retaining loyal patrons. The creative representation of their products was also successfully achieved across in-store point of sales and e-commerce platforms also.

Moreover, the brand’s identity as a natural and practical product with modern relevance was effectively communicated, positioning Kerry Woollen Mills as a timeless yet contemporary choice for discerning consumers.


Through innovative storytelling and strategic visual communication, Kerry Woollen Mills’ legacy was brought to life, ensuring its continued success in an ever-evolving market landscape.

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Photography: Pawel Nowak
MUA: Le Masque
Models: Upfront Model Management