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Content Is King, But Brand Is Key

Content Is King, But Brand Is Key


As a Brand Consultant and a Brand Manager, I’d be lying if I said I don’t find the current social media landscape slightly unnerving at times.

While many brands out there are still committed to sharing their story with an authentic voice, some are caught up in what seems to be the daily grind for social exposure.
Some brands are showing true innovation with the new tools social media has given them while some have sidelined their story in favour of posting 10 or more reels a day and other brands are merely lost in the middle not sure what to do.


Why Brand Is Key When Creating Content 

 There are many reasons why Brand should be a key consideration when it comes to creating your content.

– A strong Brand helps you stand out in a noisy and crowed social landscape.

– A solid Brand helps keep your content consistent and gives it structure in which to follow.

– A clear Brand Strategy helps you build trust with your customers and employees.

– An engaging Brand gives your business and content a personality.

– An effective Brand gives your content an emotional spark which helps create a memorable impression with your audience.


5 Ways To EnSure Your Social Media Content Represents Your Brand  

There are many important things to remember in this current landscape.

Number 1 – Share Your Story

Share your Brand Story - Laura MacSweeny Brand & Marketing

The rules may have changed but the game hasn’t. Social media still presents a huge opportunity for you to share your story while building a loyal and engaged following.


Number 2- Don’t Loose Sight Of Your Audience 

Don't loose sight of your audience - Laura MacSweeny Brand & Marketing  Next week there will be more new trends and more algorithms. It’s important to keep up to date but do not loose sight of your brand or the audience you are targeting.


Number 3 – Keep Your Brand Strategy In Mind 

Keep Your Brand Strategy in mind- Laura MacSweeny Brand and Marketing  Don’t let the noise overwhelm you. Keep your overall brand strategy in mind. Build your content calendar around expressing things like your values and your vision and keep it focused on the things that are important to your brand.


Number 4- Remember Your Brand’s Personality

Remember your Brand's personality

When you are creating content, remember your brand’s tone of voice, its personality, its purpose. This will allow you to make sure your content stays consistent as well as relevant and reduce the need for content for the sake of content.


Number 5 – Be Innovative With Social Media Trends 

Be innovative with social media trends

Remember your brand is what makes you stand out from the crowd and what makes your business memorable. Have fun being innovative with the different social media trends to bring your brand’s unique selling points to life.



There are numerous ways to make sure your social media content represents your brand. Let me know what your thoughts and challenges are in relation to this topic and if you found this blog post helpful ?

The Benefits Of A Marketing Plan

The Benefits Of A Marketing Plan


The New Year is a fantastic time to set new intentions, visualise new goals and make new plans for the months ahead and as many businesses and marketers know, it’s a crucial time to devise your business’s marketing plan. 

What Is A Marketing Plan

A Marketing plan is a plan that details the strategy a business will use to market their products and services to their customers.

Benefits Of A Marketing Plan

A Marketing Plan provides a platform to grow and learn from. Provides A Platform To Grow And Learn From.

A marketing plan is an essential tool in creating and perfecting your brand’s winning marketing formula year on year. If used correctly, it’s an important process to go through to understand what works and what doesn’t.

A Marketing Plan shapes an understanding of who your business is.  Shapes An Understanding Of Who Your Business Is.

Are you the same person as you were last year? Have you changed? Have you grown by acquiring new skills or learning? Do you have new goals for the year ahead? Just as we grow so too do businesses. The Marketing plan gives us an opportunity to assess where your business is at and where it wants to go.

A Marketing Plan Help's You Understand Your Brand's USP's Helps You To Understand Your Brand’s Positioning And Discover Your USP’s (Unique Selling Points). 

A good marketing plan will always perform a situation analysis of the business which helps you understand and gain insight into how you can best position your brand and communicate your USP’s. A lot can change in a year so it’s important to look at your business and the market with a fresh pair of eyes.

A Marketing Plan Helps Identify Your Target Audience Identifies Your Target Market So You Can Effectively Communicate With Them.

Often in marketing we can get caught up in producing ‘great content’ and forget exactly who we are creating the content for. A marketing plan allows you to revisit this piece of information and profile your target market in order to gain new insights into what they want. This in turn will make sure your content is relevant and fit for purpose and can be the key to unlocking more innovative content pieces or marketing strategies. 

A Marketing Plan can help set a clear plan of action Sets A Clear Plan Of Action Keeping Everyone On The Same Page.

I think every marketer’s pet peeve is when they hear someone else (typically not a marketer), say I have a great idea for the Marketing!
I mean no disrespect and yes you can have a great idea but is this great idea going to support the business to achieve its objectives? Does it align with the brands mission? Is it a good way to spend the marketing budget? 

The Marketing plan keeps everyone on the same page driving towards the same goals and objectives. Marketing isn’t just about great ideas it’s about supporting the business to achieve its goals with relevant strategies and tactics.



As you can see there are many benefits of producing a marketing plan for your business. This month I am going to be sharing with you some of my dos and don’ts, the key ingredients of a successful marketing plan as well as a step by step process on how to complete it. So lets all do it together and aim high for 2022!

More info coming soon so stay tuned…..