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Celtic Steps, The Show

Celtic Steps, The Show

Celtic Steps The Show

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Celtic Steps The Show is an Irish music, song, and dance performance based in Kerry, Ireland. It serves as a vibrant showcase of Ireland’s rich cultural heritage, mirroring the spirited atmosphere of the traditional rambling house. Since 2017, I have been working closely with the brand to enhance its visibility, expand its reach beyond Ireland and cultivate its online presence.


Upon my appointment in 2017, the primary challenge was to position Celtic Steps for future growth, both domestically and internationally. This involved developing strategies to elevate the brand’s profile on the international stage and increase digital revenue streams.


To address these challenges, I focused on several key areas of brand management, including creative direction, production, and digital marketing. By curating engaging content and leveraging social media platforms, we successfully grew the online community to over 50,000 followers, establishing a strong digital presence.


Through strategic planning and execution, Celtic Steps The Show has achieved significant milestones. It has completed two successful European tours, expanded its show to Tralee, and continued to grow its online revenue streams. The brand’s evolution has been characterized by innovation, with a renewed focus on audience engagement and digital marketing initiatives.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, our focus remains on further enhancing the brand’s visibility and ensuring its long-term viability with a new ecommerce website, featuring updated imagery and film content to resonate with audiences and maintain a strong e-commerce presence. The goal is to position Celtic Steps for continued growth and potential acquisition in the future.


Celtic Steps The Show stands as a testament to the power of strategic brand management and digital marketing in propelling a traditional Irish cultural experience to global acclaim. Through collaborative efforts and a commitment to innovation, the brand’s profile has been successfully elevated and has secured its position as a leading cultural showcase on the international stage.

Services Provided

  • Brand Identity & Positioning
  • Brand & Marketing Strategy
  • Creative Direction & Production
  • Brand & Social Media Management

Creative Partners

Photography: Pawel Nowak Photography
Film: Dylan Clifford
Hair & MUA: Sean Taafe Hair & Beauty
Web Design: Egg Design   
Graphic Design: Jen Murphy Design Studio

Other Brand Creatives


Socail Media

Print Work – Flyer


Laura brought a cutting edge to our company that I did not realise was absent. Her professionalism and attention to detail was a given but her ability to extend our market presence while working within a sometimes limited budget was quite remarkable. Our sales expansion and global ‘market cornering’ enabled us to reach and stay at the top of our sector. It was, to be clear, a fast transformation from an ordinary performance to one where we excelled.

David Rea

Director Celtic Steps The Show